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Marine says SWAT standoff was big misunderstanding

Gabriel Edmeier was in our studio on Tuesday Gabriel Edmeier was in our studio on Tuesday

A big misunderstanding. That's what the man involved in a central Lubbock SWAT standoff is calling the incident.

Police took 28-year old Gabriel Edmeier into custody on Aug. 26 outside his home near 33rd and Avenue V.

Officers swarmed the house because they believed Edmeier was threatening to take his own life and the lives of others with an assault riffle that was inside the home. However, Edmeier says, that night, he was just as confused as bystanders looking on.

"I go outside and it's SWAT team everywhere," Edmeier said.

It was a shocking sight for Edmeier to see right outside his front door.

"I didn't know what was going on. I thought they were doing a drug bust or something. I was like, oh they're going to feel silly, they got the wrong house," Edmeier said.

But police didn't have the wrong house, they were concerned for Edmeier's safety. The Marine says he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. He says he often has nightmares and mentioned it to a friend, two days prior.

"I mentioned that I wish it would all end. And that was in regards to the dreams. In no way did I ever mean taking my own life or hurting anyone else," Edmeier said.

Edmeier tells us the friend wasn't able to reach him for the next two days, so he called police, concerned about Edemeyer's mental state.

"It started with them letting police know that I was a Marine and that they were worried about me, to holding hostages and going Rambo," Edemeyer said.

According to the Marine, there were no hostages being held by assault rifle. It was just a misunderstanding.

"Even some of the officers said they didn't know why they were there. They didn't know why so much resources were used for something where nothing was occurring," Edmeier said.

Edemeyer hopes this will set the record straight, so he can move on.

"It brought up my name and drug it through the mud," Edmeier said.

When this all happened, Edmeier was attending Texas Tech to get his MBA He says the University suspended him, but that once they looked into it, they let him return.

Texas Tech did confirm that information. Lubbock police did not comment on the incident for legal reasons.

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