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John's Fair Food Frenzy

This is a story we would never run during the South Plains Fair because the fair only comes once a year, and it's an important fundraiser for local charities.

But, now that it's over and John is back in studio, we have a list of all the fair favorites he ate last week. So we did some research on the calories, throwing out the highest and lowest number to come up with an average for each treat. And if your favorite fair food is missing, it's because John only tasted it.

Here's the list of what he actually ate, during his favorite week of the year.

We'll start with the dinner items, John had an enchilada dinner with queso with 800 calories.

A foot long chili dog is 425 and john had two of those.

Beef and bean burritos are about 300 a piece...John had 3 of them.

And who could pass up a foot long corn dog at the fair... John had 4.

He also had 3 cheese burgers at 550 calories a piece.

Chicken on a stick was a lighter treat at 250 calories. He only had one of those.

And even though this wasn't on the menu for the public, one booth made him a special beef and philly swiss sandwich with 650 calories.

An egg roll was 160, and a small pizza added 500.

Then there was that ox tail...we don't even know what that was, so we just won't count that.

Then, how about a loaded sweet potato for 460 calories, and the popular fried cheese stick at 380 calories.

John loves chili cheese fries, they're high at 725 calories and he ate that twice, along with a frito pie which added 550 calories.

Now for the dessert, one fried s'more at 500 calories, two wonder bars at 180 calories each, two fried pies at 225 apiece, three fried brownie bites at 175 each, 3 pieces of homemade cake - 300 for the strawberry and 300 each for both slices of carrot cake. A banana split at 490 calories, 1 whole funnel cake adds 760, a piece of baklava was 230 and he had two mini-donuts at 50 calories apiece.

So, the total calories john enjoyed at the fair from Monday to Thursday, since Friday he was called away to monitor severe weather....was 15, 680 calories.

That's nearly 4,000 calories a day at the fair, and John says he had breakfast and lunch every day at home.

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