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Lubbock woman homeless after early morning fire


A Lubbock woman is without a home Thursday after an early morning fire in north Lubbock. Firefighters put out the flames but determined that the home was a total loss.

65-year old Juanita Ramirez was inside her home when the fire started but did not immediately realize what was going on.

She was just feet from the bathroom where the fire started.

Her boyfriend walked inside and knew that something wasn't right.

Juanita doesn't speak much English, but her neighbor, Sophia De La Rosa, translated the story for us.

"He smelled it and she didn't listen to him and by the time she saw it…it was too late" De La Rosa said. "They had to get out."

After some convincing by her boyfriend, Ramirez was escorted out of the house, but quickly dashed back in to get her purse.

She returned to the lawn and remained outside while responders put out the flames.

When authorities spoke with Ramirez after the fire was put out, she said that she knew exactly what the source was.

"The fire started in the night, she doesn't have a lot of light in the bathroom so she turned a candle on in the bathroom and left it by the sink and she forgot there was stuff by the sink and she left it there and it caught fire." De La Rosa said.

Amazingly, there were no injuries but Ramirez did lose some valuable papers and priceless memories.

Brent Smith at the Fire Marshall's office gave one warning to homeowners to prevent accidents like these from happening.

"If you do burn candles on a stove top or by a sink, please make sure you don't have anything around it like a dishtowel." Smith said.

The Red Cross was on the scene and said that they will continue to aid Ramirez.

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