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Oil and Gas Prices Reach Record Numbers

Get ready for another pinch to your pocketbook. For the first time, oil prices have hit the $50 a barrel mark. Most energy experts say the $50 mark was anticipated, but it couldn't come at a worse time for consumers, with winter heating just around the corner, not to mention, holiday shopping.

Texas Gas Prices
Are you paying too much at the pump? Take a look at what others prices are for the entire state of Texas. (Numbers are updated daily.)

The price spike is now creating a ripple effect from the airline industry, to truckers who haul goods. Part of that ripple has made its way here to Lubbock. Here in the Hub City, gas prices now range somewhere between a $1.82 and a $1.87 for unleaded but go over the $2.00 mark for higher octane fuels.

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