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Judge rules Jeena Roberts media coverage 'not prejudicial'

Jeena Roberts Jeena Roberts

Judge Jim Bob Darnell denied Jeena Roberts' request for a change of venue for her bail-jumping trial on Monday Oct. 7.

Her attorney filed the motion, claiming that due to media coverage, Roberts could not receive a fair trial in Lubbock.

But the court ruled that in its opinion, the media coverage was accurate and objective and was not prejudicial or inflammatory. 

Four weeks prior to Monday's events, the court imposed a gag order on attorneys, witnesses, investigators, and other persons involved in the investigation and prosecution of the case.

The gag order prohibits all persons involved from further communication with news media including, but not limited to, television, radio, and newspapers. 

Roberts was released from custody on the condition she would report to the Lubbock County jail on Jan. 7, 2013 to begin serving her sentence for Intoxicated Manslaughter.

When she failed to appear, a warrant was issued for her arrest on Jan. 9.

She was found staying at a hotel in Houston, Texas and was arrested by US marshals 14 days after she failed to report.

The jury could be seated next week. Judge Darnell will reconsider his decision if a jury cannot be seated by Oct. 14. 

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