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Notes and Quotes from Kingsbury's Week 6 Press Conference

Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury

It was an interesting Monday morning press conference for Kliff Kingsbury, following his team's 54-16 victory over the Kansas Jayhawks, as the injury status of Baker Mayfield dominated the conversation. But in addition to the quarterback situation, Kliff addressed several other topics that can be read here or viewed in the attached video.

What were your impressions of the running game?

"I thought we had some good movement up front.  We'd still like to be better, but it really kind of kick‑started our offense when we had that one drive where we were able to hand it off a few times in a row, get the quarterbacks comfortable and score some points."

Were you expecting to be 5-0 at this point?

"I expect to win every game.  Like I said since I got here, we're trying to get better each and every day.  It wasn't a goal to be 5‑0 or 6‑0.  Just every time we took the field we want to get better.  That's still how we're approaching it."

With the win this Saturday you become bowl eligible.  What's that mean to you in your first year?

"Yeah, like I said, I expected to win every game.  So the big plus to that is knowing you had those 15 extra practices with your younger guys.  I think that's what all coaches look forward to.  Being bowl eligible means in December, you get to practice with those young guys and get them more reps."

How comforting is it that your defense is pretty stout this year?

"It's very comforting, especially with a younger offense that's still trying to develop and find its rhythm.  They've carried us.  I've said it all along they've carried us so far.  Even in spring, they had the senior leadership that really showed up.  So hopefully that will continue, and hopefully our offense will catch up and who knows what will happen."

Could you talk about Mayfield's development?  It seems like he's getting more comfortable.  He eluded a lot of sacks and was very patient it looked like in the pocket on Saturday.

"He was much more patient.  Like I said, Texas State, we probably did him a disservice because I don't think he was really ready to go.  He wasn't able to move around like he likes to do in his game.  So that showed up in that game.  But he did a good job protecting it for the most part, staying in the pocket, getting through his reads.  So as a young quarterback, as the season goes on, you're usually going to get better."

Have you watched tape on Iowa State?  What are your concerns about them?

"Very sound.  They don't give up anything, and the effort jumps out at you.  You have to match their intensity.  They're going to show up ready to go, and they're not going to make mistakes.  You have to play a clean ball game to have a chance against them."

Is Michael Brewer in position to win the quarterback position this week?

"We'll see how he practices.  It's kind of all up in the air.  I know about as much as you do at this point.  We'll get everybody here to the building today and sort through it as we go.  But he progressed nicely last week, so we'll see how he does this week."

What areas have you been pleased with about your team to this point?

"I've been really happy with the special teams overall.  We had some issues on coverage this past week, but just you turn on the tape and it's clean.  Guys are going in the right spot, they know what they're doing, and there is good effort special teams wise.  Obviously the defense everybody knows they played well.  Offensively we haven't scored like we should be able to with all plate makers we have.  That's just coming together, getting used to new quarterbacks, new guys up front, and hopefully that continues to progress.  But it's exciting that we haven't peeked.  We haven't played our best game and our guys know that."

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