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Consider This...Shut down blame spread evenly

I think the only thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on lately is that this government shutdown is not good for Americans. I also agree.

And I am not going to stand here and rattle off all of the reasons I think Obamacare is also bad for Americans.

But I will speak to the way our elected representation in Washington is behaving since the shutdown - like misguided children.

I was shocked last week when Congressman Randy Neugebauer publicly berated a parks service employee for denying people access to a memorial.

Unbelievable. Neugebauer went on to explain to the cameras that this employee had some discretion about who she could let in and who she couldn't.

Not the point!

Consider this:

I think that whole circus was a classic photo op gone wrong. Yes, we want our congressman to fight for our well being. But directing your anger towards a park ranger trying to do her job is simply wrong. Oh yeah, and doing a job she's probably not getting paid for.

I've agreed with the congressman on many issues. and we happen to feel the same way about Obamacare, but the way this was handled was simply wrong.

Federal workers have absolutely no control over this shutdown. Congressmen do! That's like turning off all the water and blaming the firefighter because the house burned down. Completely backwards.

That park ranger had more right to criticize the congressman, and I think he owes her and his constituents an apology.

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