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Third petition to recall Floyd Price declared invalid

Councilman Floyd Price Councilman Floyd Price

Once again, a petition to recall Floyd Price has been declared invalid by the City Secretary.

Gordon Harris filed his third petition to recall Councilman Floyd Price on Oct. 3 but on Wednesday, this petition was declared invalid because 10% of the people represented did not vote for Councilman Price in the previous election.

The City of Lubbock says for the petition to be valid, two requirements needed to be met: (1) 10% of those signing the petition must certify that they voted for the officer at the election in which the officer was elected (105 certifications based on 10% of the 1042 signatures submitted); and (2) 509 valid signatures on the overall petition.

The petition was declared invalid because the 10% requirement was not met. 109 certified they voted for Councilman Price when he was elected, however, only 86 of those were valid certifications.

Harris's previous two petitions were also declared invalid.

The petition Harris submitted on Aug. 15 contained 648 signatures. 509 valid signatures were required, but Lubbock City Secretary Becky Garza said ultimately, less than 400 signatures were valid.

His first petition, filed back in July, was missing some required affidavits needed to confirm the signatures.

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