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Les Burrus, a Hometown Hero

Les Burrus, a Hometown Hero Les Burrus, a Hometown Hero
Tent City Tent City

Les Burrus and his colleagues at Link Ministries founded Tent City here in Lubbock two and a half years ago.

Since then, it has flourished into a camp 47 tents strong. A place where Lubbock's homeless can go to for food, shelter, and acceptance.

"It's their little home away from home. It's where their corner of the world is and that is a big, big help providing privacy, dignity, and everything they need in life. It's what you and I take for granted," said Burrus.

Over the past two and a half years, Burrus has not only provided roofs over their heads, but he has provided hope in helping them get back on their feet.

"It's getting better," said one homeless man to Burrus. "Good that's like we like to hear," Burrus replied.

In addition to shelter, "tent city" offers its residents warm-cooked meals every evening, bathrooms, showers and a place to just hang out…luxuries in life Burrus says people often take for granted.

"To hear their story, it just makes you so thankful for where you're at. And that I can be right in there, I have been right where they're at times in life, struggling to just make ends meet," he said.

Burrus knows first-hand what it feels like to have nothing and he says that is what drives him each day.

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