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HealthWise at 5 From 9.29

  • Botox Stroke Treatment

A high-tech needle is directing Botox treatment to the right muscles in stroke patients. Rehabilitation specialists at the Medical College of Wisconsin are using Botox to relax, but not paralyze, muscles that are too tense to move in stroke patients. Doctors use an electromagnetic guided needle to identify the best place for the injection. An audible "squawk" lets them know they've found the right spot. Following the injection, study patients have their motion analyzed to measure progress. Results last for about three months before patients need to have another treatment.

  • Risky Pill Splitting

The halves look equal, pill splitting doesn't always result in an even dose. A recent study at Rutgers University investigated the common practice of splitting a larger-dose generic muscle relaxant into two, smaller doses. However, due to uneven pill splitting which sometimes results in shattered pills, dosages greatly varied from half the prescribed amount to one-and-a-half times the dose. Too much of the medication can lead to excessive drowsiness. While pill splitting is a common money saver, ask your pharmacist about which pills it works safest for.

  • Cold 'Deal'

You might end up with more than a full house when you play a friendly game of cards, you could end up with a cold. A study from the University of Wisconsin examined the transmission of the cold virus among card players, some of whom were inoculated with the bug to see if it would be passed around. As you might expect, as the infected players developed symptoms and then coughed or sneezed, the germs were transferred to the playing cards, and then passed along with each deal.

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