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The Ultimate Chopper: Does It Work?

The Ultimate Chopper can grate, chop, grind, puree, dice and mince almost anything. But a lot of you had asked Does It Work? It rings up at $60, so I don't blame you.

The first thing we're going to test is the sugar. Because apparently it takes granulated sugar and turns it into powdered sugar. I poured the sugar into the chopper and the results were unreal. We had powdered sugar!

Next I attempted to chop a tomato. However, it turned out pureed. The Ultimate Chopper can grate cheese. And it did, very fast!

The egg of course was easy. All I did was hit the lever on the Chopper twice. I had minced egg in no time!

Then diced green pepper! This Chopper was on a roll!

Finally, can this Chopper really take care of anything? I happened to have a piece of concrete in my hand. I could not believe my eyes. The Chopper turned the concrete into sand! It was amazing! The blade didn't break or even chip.

I have decided The Ultimate Chopper is the ultimate must-have, it works!

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