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Van Halen Stops in Lubbock

NewsChannel 11 tried real hard to coordinate an interview with Van Halen band members but as you can imagine the band is pretty unaccessible. So instead, we talked to a couple of the people who are just as important in putting this show on. Meredith Craig, the United Spirit Arena Event Coordinator says, "I get here at 7:30, 8am. We'll start extremely early for 7, 8 o'clock show. Crews come at 7:30 a.m. to get the stage set up and all of that, so one of things I do is set up dressing rooms and production offices."

Craig has her hands full. With Van Halen, their crew, and their entourage in town, it's her job to take care of the details and make the group feel at home. It's Craig's job to worry about everything from furniture to drapes for the walls and she takes care of all the band's last minute requests. In the end, she gets to meet some pretty famous faces and she says they're always very cordial and very cooperative.

John Hicks, Van Halen's Video Crew Chief says, "They're pretty good guys. Sammy is a lot of fun. Ed's a lot of fun. I went out partying with Ed in New Orleans. I was supposed to take care of Ed. He wound up taking care of me!"

Hicks spent Wednesday, unpacking and setting up video equipment. Six cameras and miles of cable will make the stars of the show larger than life. But the guys don't forget about their crew. Hicks says, "We carry our own catering company with us and they do good. And it's fun, a gypsy lifestyle, running from ex-wives and things." John's been around the world three times running from those exes, which must make for some pretty wild stories! When we ask him about them, he laughs when he says "I can't tell you those. I'd have to kill ya!"

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