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Estacado Fails Federal Standards

Low math scores on the TAKS test has Estacado High School in the hot seat. As part of the "No Child Left Behind Act," the Federal government mandates all schools with low scores, alert the parents and give the students the option to transfer.

LISD's Letter to Parents
Take a look at the letter that LISD is sending to the parents of Estacado High School students.

This is the second year Estacado hasn't passed the test, and being a Title One school, the district is required to make some changes. Title One school's receive a grant to assist in their low socio-economic program but that means they have to show adequate yearly progress.

LISD Superintendent Wayne Havens says not to worry.

So was this a surprise to see this today? "No. We already have talked with the campus and in fact had some parent meetings. We have things in place at Estacado they are fine," LISD Superintendent Wayne Havens answered.

LISD Superintendent Wayne Havens says he's not worried about Estacado. He says they are on the right track to success at all of the LISD campuses. "We're worried anytime we have low performances and what our expectations are, and in this case math. But we feel like we have some measures in place. Not only at Estacado but around our district that will start showing those impacts. You can't do it over night," Havens said.

Havens says the reconfiguration of the high schools plays a big factor in students learning. Currently only some 9th graders are attending Estacado High, and he believes once they have all 9th graders in that school, things will run more smoothly.

"You don't learn all of the knowledge in one year. You build and build. So if you don't get the concepts in the 9th grade then you'll have problems later down the line. If not in 10th then in 11th," Havens said.

Parents are split when it comes to rating their childs education and their ability to transfer schools. "I think if they're not passing they should have their choice to go to any school they want to go to," says Wanda Boyd, a parent of two at Estacado.

"I just think that the schools here on the East side aren't getting the good education that they really should be getting. And I think LISD needs to get on the ball with that," Melissa Cano, an EHS parent said.

"I think they are getting a good education here. My son is doing good and my daughter is doing good too," Boyd said.

So Thursday a letter goes out to parents, letting them know where the district stands and what their options are.

Students have to pass the TAKS test in order to graduate, but they have more than once chance to take it. Each year some five to seven thousand students transfer within the district, so students at Estacado have always had that option. The difference is this time LISD has to foot the bill.

There are more than 20 Title One schools in LISD.

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