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Salvation Army clerk describes events that led to Saturday shooting

Salvation Army shelter services clerk Laura Trevino Salvation Army shelter services clerk Laura Trevino

It started as a normal Saturday for Salvation Army shelter services clerk Laura Trevino, but it ended with a police officer in the hospital and a client behind bars.

"My instincts gave me that feeling that something wasn't right. I made sure everyone was inside and once they were inside I made the phone call," she said, following Salvation Army protocols. "If you feel as though the client hasn't calmed down or the situation hasn't calmed down, then go to the necessary steps... The step was to call 911."

The client in this case was 32-year-old Jeremy Moor. According to his arrest warrant, Moor had been drinking alcohol before the shooting and refused a breathalyzer test, which the Salvation Army requires from anyone who wants to stay in the shelter.

"It happened so quickly and so fast. The phone call didn't even last but maybe a minute," Trevino said.

The arrest warrant says the call reached the police department just before 7:45 p.m. Timothy Varner arrived at the Salvation Army along with three other officers looking for a man with a gun.

Varner found Moor inside of a pickup truck parked in front of the Salvation Army. Another man was in the passenger seat and Moor was holding a gun to his stomach.

The man told police that Moor was saying he wanted to harm himself and at one point said, "I'm not going to let them take me in. I'm going to have it out with them," after a police car passed the truck.

Officer Varner made his way to the passenger side of the truck and asked the other man to step out. When he did, Moor opened fire, hitting Varner multiple times. Officer Varner returned fire, hitting Moor.

While this was going on outside Trevino was making sure everyone inside the shelter was safe.

"They were all upstairs in their rooms. That's what I was told to do in case anything was to occur. Get them to a safe place, make sure they are safe and intact," she said.      

Both men were transported to UMC. Officer Varner was released Monday afternoon. Jeremy Moor was released from the hospital and taken into custody. He is charged with Attempted Capital Murder and two counts of Aggravated Assault.

Police were still at the Salvation Army location Monday afternoon, trying to get a better understanding of the event. The investigation is still ongoing so make sure to stay with for all the latest details.

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