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Oreo Addiction

Researchers at Connecticut College are finding an addiction that may be as strong as the need for drugs and that food is Oreos.

Scientists there have been studying that craving in the brains of rats and they have found if rats were locked in a chamber with 3 kitchens so to speak, one with Oreos, the other with either morphine or cocaine, the rats will consistently go for the Oreos.

It's not just a taste test though; researchers spent the summer feeding the lab rats, then analyzing their brains.

"We looked at the pleasure center of the brain which is stimulated any time you engage in a pleasurable activity, including eating. Drugs of abuse hijack that system and lead to addiction," says Joseph Schroeder with Connecticut College.

The study group found that compared to the drugs, the rat brains showed the Oreos stimulated more neurons in their pleasure centers.

And, for what it's worth, the team says all the rats ate the cream in the middle first.

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