Raymond Robertson and Zac Stancell, Hometown Heroes

Raymond Robertson, a Hometown Hero
Raymond Robertson, a Hometown Hero
Zac Stancell, a Hometown Hero
Zac Stancell, a Hometown Hero

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Raymond Robertson has been a Lubbock UPS delivery driver for 28 years. For the past six years, his route has taken him to Muleshoe. His day-to-day routine is pretty standard, but on Sept. 18, he witnessed something he never dreamed of happening.

"I just seen this big explosion where this train actually hit the truck and actually seeing the hood of the truck on top of the train," Robertson said.

Robertson thought to himself, "No one could survive that." But he was wrong.

"I seen a gentleman laying in the cab of the truck, so I pulled my truck in the median and I ran across the street to see if he was all right. When I got there, I heard him make a sound and I helped him to his feet and said, 'We need to get you out of here' because it was on fire at the time," Robertson said.

Zac Stancell had been working as an EMT for about a month when he heard the explosion from across the street. He thought the same thing.

"I had looked outside and my first thought was that no one could have lived through that," said Stancell, 20.

But without hesitation, Stancell rushed to help.

"Not much longer after we laid him down in the median, the rest of the truck exploded," Stancell said.

24-year-old Marcos Delgado, a resident of Muleshoe, amazingly walked away with only a few minor injuries. He's confident if it were not for these brave men, he would not be here today.

"I don't got nothing to pay them for my life...just thank you," Delgado said.

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