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Food for Thought Report 9.30

This weeks edition of NewsChannel 11's Food for Thought is bursting with a serious amount of violations. The menu is a full one because three Lubbock restaurants combine for a total of 18 critical violations, but we also have four top performers.

Food for Thought 9.30
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 9/30/04.

Last week's top performers were all about the burger and so are three of this week's, but there's a little sugar on top too. Bonus Burger at 2312 50th Street is our first top performing burger joint. Zero critical violations on their last inspection earn them a "bonus" of their own.

What would a burger segment be without mention of Mickey D's? The golden arches at 5010 I-27 shine this week as our second top performer with zero critical violations.

Top performer number three is all about Pete's Drive-In at 529 34th Street. Pete's also enjoyed a perfect inspection and came out on top.

After all those burgers you have to make room for something sweet, or maybe just change the pace and eat a sandwich! Sugarbaker's at 4601 South Loop 289 has got what you need. They're our fourth and last top performer.

Low performer number one is Taqueria Las Chivas at 1925 19th Street. Health inspectors found five critical violations at the restaurant.

  • Shredded cheese was found at 70 degrees. The required cold temperature is at least 45 degrees.
  • Conversely, chopped beef was found at 122 degrees. That's 18 degrees below the required hot temperature of 140.
  • Cheese, beans and rice were not date-marked.
  • Bleach water used for cleaning did not have enough bleach.
  • A heavily soiled utensil was found with clean utensils.

Two violations were corrected on site. NewsChannel 11 spoke with the manager of Taqueria Las Chivas who said the remaining violations have also been corrected.

On to low performer number two: the Wienerschnitzel at 301 University. This location in the world's largest hot dog chain also received five critical violations during their last inspection.

  • Shredded cheese on a food line was found at 58 degrees.
  • Corn dogs in a hot hold unit were found at 112 degrees.
  • The inspector witnessed an employee using inadequate hand washing procedures.
  • A can of chocolate syrup was dented.
  • The concentration of sanitizer in bucket was too high.

All violations were corrected on site. Wienerschnitzel's owner tells us the violations cited were minor and he strives for a clean restaurant.

Low performer number three is no stranger to the list. The China Star at 1919 50th Street is a repeat low performer. They had a whopping eight critical violations.

  • Rice, fruit and breaded chicken were cooling improperly.
  • Cold foods (watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew) were found at 60 degrees and 53 degrees.
  • Employees were found eating and drinking in the kitchen.
  • Cucumbers and lettuce were in unsound condition and a dented can was found.
  • Foods stored next to each other were creating a contamination hazard.
  • The kitchen had several flies throughout
  • Sanitizing solution was not mixed properly.
  • Some food equipment had cracks.

The manager of China Star says everything has been corrected. China star did have a follow-up inspection the next day.

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