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Speaker warns Frenship students about the dangers of drunk driving

Sarah Panzau-Evans spoke with Frenship students on Thursday Sarah Panzau-Evans spoke with Frenship students on Thursday

Sarah Panzau-Evans walked down the stairs of the Frenship Performing Arts Center wearing a black tank top and shorts, revealing scars from a horrific incident in 2003.

Her left arm is gone and scars cover nearly every inch of her body from below her knees up to her face.

Ten years ago Panzau-Evans wrecked her car in Northern Illinois after having too much to drink. Today she travels the country speaking about the night she nearly lost her life.

According to doctors, she had a 0% chance of survival but today she is using that near death experience in her past to change the futures of young students.

More than 900 juniors and seniors at Frenship High School packed the room to hear her story.

Panzau-Evans is a former two time All-American volleyball player from Illinois who dropped out of college her sophomore year and soon after became immersed in the world of drugs and alcohol.

In August of 2003 she was in a one car accident with a blood alcohol level nearly four times over the legal limit.

As she was lying, nearly dead on the road, an ambulance happened to pass by to find her.

She spent two weeks in a coma and four weeks in intensive care and on a ventilator.

Panzau-Evans has overcome all odds to stand before students with one simple truth: that one bad choice can have horrible consequences.

"I would say that it is a complete miracle that I'm sitting here today." Panzau-Evans said.

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