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Lubbock Tejano Democrats announce support for Hernandez


Lubbock Tejano Democrat members rallied for District 1 council member Victor Hernandez on Friday.

With the recall election just around the corner, voting against the recall will keep Hernandez in office.

Some members had strong words to say about those that called for the recall.

Gilbert Florez said, "It's a handful of people who just don't give up. These people are losers, they will always be losers and this is what they do for a living. They try to divide the community."

Several Tejano Democrat members gathered at city hall in an effort to encourage District 1 members to vote against the recall.

Only voters in District 1 can decide if they want Hernandez removed.

If voters should decide to have him removed from the council, they have 120 days to fill the spot, which would require a special election.

In July, former County Commissioner Ysidro Gutierrez successfully completed a recall petition to remove Hernandez from office.

We reached out to Gutierrez to get his response to the comment made by Florez. He released this statement on Friday:

I want to thank Mr. Hernandez' supporters for the wonderful compliment regarding my tenacity. Theirs is a most astute observation. Thank You!

On the question of whether we are but a "handful" – The November 5 Ballot shall determine its veracity.

The Hernandez camp opinion of me should be weighed against their support of Mr. Victor Hernandez, who is the only elected official in the 110 year history of Lubbock to be the subject of a Recall Election.

Finally, Concerning the question of who is the true "Divider of the Community" – The Hernandez camp forgets that when Mr. Hernandez ran for his second tenure on the Council, he pledged "I am not the same Victor. I've changed. I won't be a Divider anymore."

His supporters should ask themselves why Mr. Hernandez found it necessary to pledge that he would no longer be a "Divider" and why he returned to his old ways so quickly after being elected. They should also ask themselves why 576 registered voters signed the petition.

Ysidro Gutierrez


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