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Electric Utility Board to discuss mayor's concerns at Wednesday meeting

Electric Utility Board Chairman Gail Kring Electric Utility Board Chairman Gail Kring

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson called for an investigation into LP&L's bidding process on Thursday.

On Friday morning, Electric Utility Board Chairman Gail Kring released a statement promising to review the matter, and now the board has called a special meeting to discuss the issue next week.

Mayor Robertson says he's received claims of law breaking and bid rigging involving the utility's future plans to generate power.

Now he's asking the city council to launch an investigation to figure out if the accusations are true.

The city council is scheduled to discuss the issue next week, and now the utility board is scheduled to meet the day before.

Their agenda includes discussion of retaining outside council, the plans to generate electricity in the future, and the employment and duties of the director of electric utilities.

Right now, Gary Zheng serves as LP&L's CEO and director of electric utilities.

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