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Notes and Quotes from Coach Kingsbury's Week 8 press conference


Texas Tech proved resilient in their 37-27 victory over West Virginia, Saturday, scoring the game's final 21 points after falling behind 27-16 in the 2nd half.

Now the unbeaten Red Raiders (7-0, 4-0) enter the Top Ten for the first time since 2008, just in time for the biggest game of the season at #17 Oklahoma this weekend.

Needless to say, Coach Kingsbury is proud of what his team has accomplished to this point, but understands the biggest games of the season are still to come.

Excerpts from Monday morning's press conference can be read here or viewed in the attached video.

You're a confident guy, and it's clear that you have confidence in your players.  Do you think that that really rubs off on them?

"I hope so.  I want them ‑‑ since day one, I told them we're going to cut it loose and make sure you're having fun and you're confident when you're out there.  As long as you're going a hundred percent if you make a mistake, we'll live with it.  It's when you're out there playing hesitant that we'll have to get on you.  But I want them to have fun, play loose and enjoy the moment.

"Especially when the game is on the line.  They've stepped up and made some big time plays in some crucial moments.  So that's been fun to see them do that and then the confidence they've gained from those moments."

How is this team different and better than that '02 team that went to Norman?

"I think that '02 team would have killed them actually (laughs).  No, it's hard to compare.  It's hard to compare.  It was a rough trip to Norman in '02, but the rest of that year was pretty fun.  We had some great players.  I don't like comparing teams.  I just know we have a huge game coming up.  It's the next game which we approached every game as a huge game on our schedule, and I think our kids will do a good job handling that moment."

Is there something about playing in Norman with Big 12 conference championships on the line that OU just somehow dominates?

"Yeah, I don't know.  We're in week eight, so there is no championship on the line.  So we'll go out there and give it our best shot.  It's a huge challenge anytime you go to that stadium.  It's one of the storied stadiums in college football.  Their fans are crazy, hostile, intense.  It's a great college football atmosphere."

What do you see looking at OU?  What are your concerns or focal points on offense and defense?

"Speaking offensively, their defense schematically has changed a bunch from last year.  He does a good job bringing people from everywhere, very athletic, fly around, fundamentally sound.  It will be a very, very good challenge for a young quarterback."

"Their offense with the big quarterback, he's hard to bring down.  They have very talented receivers, a running back that can take it the distance anytime.  It's a huge challenge.  We know that going on the road there.  So we'll have to play our best game."

How has Davis Webb grown in these last two starts?

"He's played better and embraced the challenge.  Not getting the start from game one and took it upon himself to improve it as a player, and he's done that."

What do you tell Davis after the fumble on the goal line the other day?  A lot of young quarterbacks might tend to crumble a little bit after that.  What did you tell him and how did he respond?

"I just told him don't ever do that again.  He knew it.  I respect what he was trying to do.  It just wasn't the time to do it.  He responded great.  He has a short‑term memory.  He knows what he's capable of and he's very confident."

Did you learn anything new about your team Saturday?

"No.  Just got to keep getting better.  I think the exciting part for me right now is I know we haven't played close to our best game.  That's, and all I know about our team is the best game is still out there."

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