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Bar owner hoping to ban smoking in Lubbock

Michael Clintsman Michael Clintsman

Michael Clintsman is the owner of Bar PM and Local Bar and Grill. Both currently allow customers to smoke, but Michael hopes to change that soon.

"We talked to a few bar owners and restaurant owners that were afraid to go out on a limb in fear of backlash financially," said Clintsman. "But if it is even across the board then competition will be even as well."

Michael includes himself in that category. He would love to go smoke free and fears the financial loss to his businesses, but he says his wallet is not driving the change.

"I care about peoples' health and my employees' health," he said. "My mom actually passed away from lung cancer so it's a cause near and dear to my heart. It's time for us to catch up with everybody else and be a little progressive."

Right now the West Texas Tobacco Coalition are in the preliminary stages.

"We're just trying to get as many people as humanly possible and it's surprising to see how much support there really is for the cause," Clintsman said.

Clintsman says the group meets the first Thursday of every month at the Garrison Institute on Aging. They don't need an exact number of signatures right now, but anyone who wants to support the cause can sign the petition at Bar PM or Local Bar and Grill.

Not every bar in Lubbock is rushing to make the change.

"We have a good situation here in Lubbock and they're just trying to mess it up," said Scott Stephenson. "I think that the smokers need a place to go."

Stephenson's mom owns Jake's Sports Cafe and Backroom and he feels they would lose a lot of business.

"We got people that come and hang out and they'll hang out for two or three hours, but if there's no smoking they're going to get up and leave. They want to come see their friends and then leave," he said.

Stephenson believes people shouldn't be told what to do.

"I choose to come in here and I think it should be a person's choice," he said. "I think it will cut revenue. I think people will still come in but they won't stay as long and they won't spend as much."

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