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Veteran's Summit

Did you know our country has been at war for more than 22 years, since January of ‘91? Recently, thousands of combat troops have been pulled back, and are returning to the south plains in record numbers. With the joy of their return comes some concern about their adjustment to civilian life.

That's why the Veteran's Resource Center is sponsoring the first ever south plains Veteran's Summit, with a panel of experts on hand to help guide our veterans, their families and employers.

"The veteran's resource coordinator group is part of Starcare Specialty Health. We have a number of programs to help them out, to take care of their transition needs. Most transition just fine. Most do great getting jobs. They're great employees. They're great students in school, but the ones who have challenges, have significant challenges and we need to get them the assistance they need," says Veteran's Resource Director at Starcare, David Lewis.

The Veteran's Summit is two weeks from today, November 6th, at the Texas Tech Museum. It is free, but since lunch is included, they need an RSVP if you plan to attend.

You can do that by calling 806-470-9317, or going to

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