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Sales Tax Increase Hits Lubbock Stores

"So far, none of the customers have said anything," said Robert Ramirez, Owner of Kings Food and Gas.

What does the 3/8 sales tax increase mean for those of you who buy sodas on a regular basis? Nothing, according to Ramirez. "It's a penny for every $3," said Ramirez. Because it's such a small purchase, Ramirez says a 96 cent soda will remain 96 cents.

However, if you are making bigger purchases, let us say a piece of furniture for $3,700, you'll be paying $15 more with the new sales tax in place.

Councilman Gary Boren says you voted to pass the 3/8 sales tax increase last November. This in turn will bring nearly $10 million extra to the city.

The 3/8 sales tax increase is divided into three parts. One eighth of the sales tax goes to economic development. The rest of it goes to property tax relief. Which in the long run will save you 15% on your property taxes.

"As we know, appraisals have been going up 10% to 40% every year and we saw it coming again. We wanted to put this into protection to protect our citizens and home owners," said Boren.

He also says you will begin to see your property tax reductions in about 30 days.

This puts Lubbock up there with other West Texas cities. Midland-Odessa, Wichita Falls, San Angelo and Amarillo all charge an 8.25 cent sales tax.

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