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Too soon to compare Kliff Kingsbury to Bob Knight?


It's been five years since the Red Raiders have made it to this point in the season without a loss.

And right now, it feels good to be a Tech fan. Almost the way it felt in 2001 when legendary coach Bob Knight joined the coaching staff at Texas Tech.

It's bold to compare a King to a Knight, but fans on the South Plains are talking about a football renaissance with Coach Kingsbury that feels a lot like the basketball renaissance they enjoyed with Coach Knight.

Bob Knight and Kliff Kingsbury, two Raider coaches with a knack for bringing out the best in Texas Tech sports fans.

But this excitement isn't just happening in Lubbock. Enthusiasm is spreading across the country

Red Raider Outfitters and Cardinals Sports Center both say sales of Red Raider gear have more than doubled.

Online purchases are being made across the country and beyond.

Workers at Red Raider Outfitters say the Internet sales have been nearly unreal.

"It's amazing... California, New York, Tennessee, Georgia. Anywhere, literally anywhere in the U.S., we are sending stuff out every week."

But the sales don't stop there.

"We are sending out merchandise overseas multiple times on a weekly basis."

Kliff Kingsbury is in such demand that he's been featured by ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, E! News and more.

But what does is all this promotion bringing back to Lubbock?

The CEO of the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance, LEDA, said the benefits don't stop after visitors return home from Lubbock.

"All of this top-raking brings about a long term advantage for Lubbock and Texas Tech," said John Osborne. "This notoriety brings about people who think they might want to go to Texas Tech."

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