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Lubbock family makes rock 'n' roll a lifestyle


Mary Rendon has been a fan of rock 'n' roll music for as long as she can remember.

"I just loved the music growing up, and listened to all kinds of music as a child," she said. "Even now, all three of my boys know how to play guitar, my husband plays guitar. We've always loved music."

It was in the early 1980s when that love turned into an obsession.

"I would stand outside and wait for bands to walk in," said Rendon. "At the end of the concert, I would wait outside by the bus and try to get an autograph. Sometimes I left empty handed, but other times I got everything I wanted and more."

30 years later, the Rendon house looks like a room at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Artists ranging from Buddy Holly to Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Motley Crew, The Eagles and a signed picture of Ted Nugent showing off a freshly killed buck all take up their own space in their living room.

"I have so much stuff sometimes I can't even believe it," she said. "I just don't want the history to be forgotten. There have been so many bands and so many new ones that the music changes all the time, but I'm still stuck in the '80s."

When it comes to memorabilia, Rendon will take anything she can get her hands on.

"Whether I know a song of theirs or just the look of an album or a CD, it's exciting for me to try and get something from that band," she said. "Either an autograph, a pick, a picture, a poster, announcement - anything."

Rendon even used a beer bottle at one show.

Her prized signatures are on a poster of Hotel California by the Eagles. Every band member signed. It now sits in a protective frame above the family computer. On the coffee table are multiple photo albums with page after page of Rendon standing next to famous musicians and ticket stubs from every concert they have attended.

She also vividly remembers the first time she met the band Tesla.

"I was back stage at a concert trying to get autographs, and security came and was fixing to throw me out. That's when the guys from the band came out and said, ‘Sir, she's with the band.' I just ran up to where they were and that was the highlight of my life."

The next concert her family plans to go to is on Saturday night, when Five Finger Death Punch is playing at the Lonestar Amphitheater. Rendon will be there, working her magic to try and get an autograph. Even though she has more memorabilia and autographs than most die-hard fans, she doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.   

"I've got so many memories and so many stories that I guess I'm taking to the grave with me, and I'm getting old," she said. "I'm an old rocker. I'm still trying to make it. I'm not at the very front like I like to be. I don't get as wild as I used to, but I'm still there and plan to do it until I can't do it anymore."

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