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Notes & Quotes from Coach Kingsbury's Week 9 Press Conference


For the first time this season, Coach Kliff Kingsbury addressed the media at his weekly Monday morning press conference following a loss.

The Red Raiders came up just short in their toughest game of the season Saturday, 38-30 to Oklahoma.

Despite the loss, Kingsbury remains confident in his team, considering they entered a tough environment and still posted 480 total yards including 388 against the Sooners top-ranked pass defense.

The defense had its worst game of the season, allowing a season-high 277 rushing yards and 526 total yards, but the Red Raiders still had opportunities to win despite the rough day on defense.

Overall, Kingsbury's message is to move on. Texas Tech still controls its own destiny in the Big 12 and has its toughest home game of the season this Saturday at 6 p.m. against #18 Oklahoma State.

Here are excerpts from Kliff's Week 9 press conference which can be read here or viewed in the attached video.

OU running game sort of kept you guys off the field longer than you'd probably liked.  How do you rectify that?

"Yeah, we talked about it with our guys.  We've got to get them off the field, bunch of third and longs, And their quarterback, to his credit, stepped up and made big throws.  They were able to extend drives and that's what really hurt us. But we'll just work at it.  We took a look at the film.  We've got to get guys in there that can sustain and hold up in the run game."

Is the run defense a concern considering Oklahoma State brings in the Big 12 Player of the Week at running back (Desmond Roland)

"Yeah, they do a great job running it.  Each game is different.  I thought OU had a good plan, a bunch of unbalanced stuff and kept leaning on them.  I thought we had them off schedule a bunch of times where that kid stepped up on 3rd and 8, 3rd and 9, 3rd and 10, and made big‑time throws.  You have to give them credit.  We have to find a way to get off the field in those situations."

What do you expect to see from Oklahoma State's offense this week?

"I mean, they're good.  That offense that Dana took over there was one that we were together in Houston for two years before he left.  So we're pretty familiar with that, and they're familiar with what we do.  They're used to scoring points. They do a great job coaching their receivers, quarterbacks, their O‑line, so it will be a huge challenge."

You haven't had much experience coaching kids back from losses.  This is the first time at it this year.

"Yeah, as a coordinator, you've been there so...We've lost before.  Not very often, which is a good thing.  But it's a highly motivated group.  You're coming back home to play against a team that's really embarrassed you the last two years, to put it bluntly.  I don't think there should be any problem with getting them motivated to play this game, and everything's out in front of them.  If you want to win the Big 12, you're going to have to win the rest of the games anyways, and I think they see that."

Do losses eat at you Kliff or is it easier to move on to the next?

24 hours and I'm good.  It's tough there for a little bit.  But there is so much to play for.  Like I said, it's all out in front of us if we approach it the right way

How important do you think this student section will be in this week's game?

"It will be a huge deal.  It's going to hopefully be rocking.  It's going to be our last night game for the year, and I know our students love those night games.  So I'm hoping that they'll bring the energy, bring the passion like they have in all the other ones and get ready to have a fun night."

Jace said you have the number 98 hanging in the locker room because of the margin of defeat the last couple of years. How'd that come about?

"Yeah, that's close to a hundred.  That's what they beat us by the last two years.  So I wanted to make sure they knew that.  And hopefully they have some pride in themselves when they see that."

Is Davis going to start this week?

"Davis will start this week.  Yes, he's earned that with his play these last few weeks.  So he'll get the nod this week."

Talk about Raiderville coming back this week

"It's been awesome.  I'd love to have it back.  I remember when they were really rolling in '08 there were people there on Monday and Tuesday setting up.  It's fun for the players to come through the building and walk through that and see that.  It's just a great vibe when you're winning at that level."

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