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Obamacare website: the frustration continues

You may be frustrated with the government's new health care website, but it's likely no one is more surprised at all the confusion that those in the White House.      

Coincidentally, a few Silicon Valley companies are speaking up to say they know what went wrong, and they know how to fix it.      

Soasta, a company that sells web solutions, says unlike retail sites like Amazon or eBay, the government healthcare website didn't run a test first for big crowds.

 "And in the case of healthcare.gov, they were very unprepared, only tested a few kinds of benefits, and only with a few sets of users," says Peter Galvin with Soasta.

It's been three weeks now, and healthcare.gov is still struggling.  Soasta is one of several tech companies offering to help the affordable care act become more tech-savvy.

Government officials now insist the website will be fixed by the end of November.

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