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Consider This...Constitutional Amendment Election important

Historically, elections without people on the ballot have very low turnout. Only about 10% of registered voters actually do it.

And other than a recall for a city councilman in one district, that is the case in Lubbock County so far.

It's the second week of early voting for the statewide election on November 5th, and turnout has been predictably slow.

And if you were like me going into it, you really had no sense of what was even at stake with this election. But there are big issues at hand, issues like the future water needs of the state, tax exemptions for certain groups, and accountability for judges and justices.

So consider this:

I hope you'll exercise your right to vote. It's the biggest say we have in how our government runs. Five minutes in an election booth will have an effect on all Texans for years to come.

You can find a summary of all nine constitutional amendments here:

You can find details about ID requirements, voting locations and sample ballots here:

I hope you'll take a few minutes to read them over, decide, and then make an appointment to go to the polls and vote.

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