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Genetic Counseling

Also in line with breast cancer awareness month, we know a specific inherited gene mutation, known as BRCCA. It is blamed for 5 to 10% of all breast cancer cases.      

So, if you had a family history of breast cancer, would you want to know if you carried the gene that would put you at high risk of the disease?      

Damini Desai, a genetic counselor, says that kind of screening is empowering to the whole family.       

"We go over the family tree first and see what's going on, who's had cancer, and see what the most appropriate test is. We talk about the testing and how it could help them and their family members as well. Sometimes there may be a more appropriate person to test first, not even that person coming in for the consultation," says Desai.

Damini says she wants women to know that genetic screening is not a quick process.  Either with a blood test or a cheek swab, you can expect the results take 2 to 4 weeks.

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