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Lubbock voters show strong support for constitutional propositions


Lubbock voters showed strong support for the nine proposed amendments to the Texas constitution, approving most by wide margins. Texas voters agreed, approving all nine propositions statewide.

Proposition 1 authorizes the Legislature exempt from property all or part of the market value of the homestead of the surviving spouse of a member of the United States armed services who is killed in action, as long as the surviving spouse has not remarried.

Lubbock voters approved this measure 89% to 11%

Proposition 2 repeals the constitutional provision requiring a State Medical Education Board and a State Medical Education Fund, neither of which is in operation.

Lubbock voters approved this measure 87% to 13%

Proposition 3 authorizes local authorities to extend the length of time that aircraft parts could remain temporarily in this state before being subject to property tax. Under current law, aircraft parts may remain in Texas for up to 175 days before being subject to tax. Taxing entities could extend the exemption up to 730 days.

Lubbock voters approved this measure 54% to 46%

Proposition 4 allows the Legislature to provide for a property tax exemption of part of the market value of the homestead of a partially disabled veteran, or the surviving spouse of a partially disabled veteran, if the residence was donated by a charitable organization.

Lubbock voters approved this measure 87% to 13%

Proposition 5 amends the definition of "reverse mortgage" to authorize reverse mortgage loans for the purchase of homestead property in addition to the current uses, and would give lenders recourse against borrowers who fail to timely occupy the homestead properties purchased with such loans.

Lubbock voters approved this measure 66% to 34%

Proposition 6 creates the State Water Implementation Fund as a special fund inside the state treasury and outside the General Revenue Fund. Money in the fund would be administered by the Texas Water Development Board and would be used to implement the state water plan.

Lubbock voters approved this measure 74% to 26%

Proposition 7 allows home-rule municipalities to adopt provisions authorizing the filling of vacancies in the governing body by appointment, but only when the remainder of the vacant term is less than 12 months.

Lubbock voters approved this measure 73% to 27%

Proposition 8 repeals the Texas Constitution's maximum tax rate for a Hidalgo County hospital district. The maximum rate is currently set at 10 cents per $100 valuation, which is lower than the maximum tax rate allowable for hospital districts in all other counties in the state (75 cents per $100 valuation).

Lubbock voters approved this measure 72% to 28%

Proposition 9 expands the potential sanctions that the State Commission on Judicial Conduct can issue following a formal proceeding. This constitutional amendment would allow the commission to issue an order of public admonition, warning, reprimand, or a requirement to obtain additional training or education in addition to the Commission's current authority to issue a public censure or recommend removal or retirement of a judge.

Lubbock voters approved this measure 81% to 19%

Click here for full statewide election results from the Texas Secretary of State

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