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A breakthrough in deadly food allergies

For millions of people in this country, a bee sting, a shot of penicillin, or even a whiff of peanut butter could be deadly.      

That's hard for most of us to imagine. But a team of researchers at Notre Dame say they are getting letters from people who live in fear because of an allergy, like one woman who nearly killed her 3 year old daughter with a kiss.

"She wrote to me and said that one time it happened because she kissed her after having a cookie that had peanuts in them. There have been reported incidences where a fellow passenger would open a bag of peanuts and the dust would affect say, someone with a peanut allergy the goal should be to eliminate the condition from taking place in the first," says researcher Dr. Basar Bilgicer.

Dr. Bilgicer and his team of scientists at Notre Dame are trying to develop what could be the first ever inhibitor for severe allergic reactions. They are designing a molecule they hope will prevent the allergen from interacting with the immune system cells to prevent a response.      

It's just the first step, but the hope is it will lead to a preemptive injection someday.      

Their work is published in the journal – "Nature Chemical Biology".

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