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Hernandez survives recall vote


District 1 voters have rejected the recall of Councilman Victor Hernandez.

58% of voters rejected the recall, with only 42% voting for it. That represents 647 votes for the recall and 911 votes against.

58% of election day voters rejected the recall, with only 42% voting for it. That equates to 173 votes for the recall and 240 votes against on election day, for a total of 413 votes.

59% of early voters rejected the measure, with 41% voting in favor. That's 671 votes against the recall and 474 in favor, from a total of 1,145 early votes.

Hernandez believes three factors contributed to this strong support.

"Some of them were staunch supporters of mine. Some of them didn't like the fact of how it came about and some didn't want to spend the money on a special election."

"I'm not taking this as something where I can just rest on my laurels and not continue to do the job I was elected to do," Hernandez said. "I did take it as a sign to where the majority of folks that went out and voted believe in my style of leadership, which is advocacy."

Hernandez celebrated the victory with family, friends and supporters at a watch party held at the LULAC council building just east of city hall.

"We hold no ill will towards the folks who did this," he said. "In fact, we extend an olive branch to them and invite them back into the fold. They are very much a part of District 1 as we all are and I believe we all want the best for District 1."

The final results must still be confirmed by the city secretary and accepted by the city council.

Hernandez will be back on the campaign trail for another election in May 2014, but he is ready and excited.

"I look forward to it. It's a chance for us to touch base with the district," he said. "These folks who put up the petition for the recall have made it very clear they're going to put up an opponent come May. That's part of the democratic process. We shouldn't be afraid of it and we're not. We see it as a challenge and a reason to work even harder."

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson congratulated Hernandez on Wednesday:

"Congratulations to Victor Hernandez for retaining his seat on our City Council representing District One. I am encouraging everyone to put this recall and all of the bitterness it has produced behind us. It is absolutely critical that this Council comes together now and find solutions for our crisis at LP&L as well as other pressing city issues."

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