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Crucial decisions to be made at Thursday's city council meeting


The Lubbock City Council will be making some very important decisions at Thursday night's meeting.

"I can't stress enough how critical a juncture we're at in Lubbock's history," said Mayor Glen Robertson. "Number one is who we are going to put on this LP&L board. We have 5 seats to consider out of 9, a majority of the most critical boards we have on the most critical issue we have in the city of Lubbock."

The Electric Utility Board members up for reappointment are board chairman Gail Kring, Marc McDougal, Carroll McDonald and Robert Musselman. However, Musselman has asked the City Council not to reappoint him. The fifth seat belonged to Dwight McDonald before he was removed due his work as a part time magistrate which violated city charter.

"I'm 90 percent sure of what I'm going to do Thursday night and I will not be voting for all the reappointments," said Mayor Robertson. "I don't agree with some of their decisions, critical decisions that we've made in the last 90 days at LP&L. I don't agree with a couple of their votes on terminating an employee. I don't agree with the decision to carry on an RFP that has this many questions and accusations made about it."

The Mayor says the city council isn't taking this lightly.

"I think you will see a long list of names presented tomorrow evening. This council has put more time and effort into these appointments than any set I've ever seen."

Whoever is appointed will need to make crucial decisions themselves.

"The current RFP is asking companies to give us a price for 30 years of power therefore we're talking 7 to 8 billion dollars," said Mayor Robertson. "We cannot afford to make a mistake on this because this is a mistake that our great grandchildren will pay for forever."

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