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Critical care symposium

We use the word delirious to describe someone who's just not thinking straight, but the problem goes much deeper than that, which is why it is one of the subjects to be discussed in an upcoming trauma conference for medical professionals.      

Dr. Steven Brooks, a trauma surgeon, says delirium is not just common in critical care, but the symptoms can show up as much as a year after they recover and leave the hospital.  

"What we know now is that 80% of patients who are on a breathing machine will have this diagnosis.     They sometimes have an inability to focus, inattention short term memory loss, can't find their car in a parking lot, don't know where they're going and so this affects their lives greatly," says Dr. Brooks.

 Dr. Brooks is one of the presenters in the 19th trauma and critical care symposium, which is sponsored by Texas Tech and UMC.  

Medical professionals are encouraged to attend for continuing medical education credits.  It is Saturday, November 16th.  For more information call 743-2928.

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