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Teen straight talk

It's time again for teen straight talk, a program sponsored by the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. For 5 years, it has helped hundreds of area families break the ice, and talk about some uncomfortable subjects, as little kids grow to become teens.      

Dr. Sam Prien, from the department of OBGYN at Tech, says instead of the traditional 4 hour program, teen straight talk has been condensed to 2 hours, including lunch. But the good news is, all of it is still free, including an important gift the kids will take home.  

"At the beginning of the day, they will be given a coupon for a book. At the end of the day, they will get that. The book is very specific to either male or female. It's a pink book for girls, a blue book for boys. It really tells them about their own bodies and what's going on," says Dr. Prien.

Teen straight talk welcomes kids age 10 to 18 with a parent. All you have to do is go to The Bridge at 13th and east redbud next Saturday on the 16th.  You can register at 10:30.  Then, the event is from 11 to one, and it's all free.        

For more information, the number to call is 743-2463 ext. 229. Or you can email Kathleen McPeherson at kathleen.mcpherson@ttuhsc.edu

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