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KCBD Investigates: Old allegations in Dixon family history

Wonda and Dave Dixon (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center) Wonda and Dave Dixon (Source: Lubbock County Detention Center)

KCBD has already uncovered a history of child abuse surrounding Wonda and Dave Dixon, the Lubbock couple who investigators say withheld food from one of their ten adopted children.

That is just one of the allegations against this family. But the question remains, how were the Dixons allowed to not only foster, but adopt ten children?    

A KCBD investigation revealed that Dave Dixon was charged with Child Abuse in 1992 in Orlando, Florida. However, when KCBD contacted the state, there were no details available because the case was so old. A call to Florida's Department of Children and Families did confirm state involvement with the couple during that time.

But if we could find that information with a simple phone call, CPS could as well, right? CPS declined our request for an interview, but they did say the couple was licensed through a private child placement agency called "Hope For Tomorrow" in 2009 and that no fault would rest with CPS.

We spoke with a former CPS investigator who is now living in North Carolina. He told us CPS could have easily double checked Hope For Tomorrow's results.

"It's absolutely disgusting that they're shifting responsibility, but it's no surprise whatsoever," Carlos Mendoza said. "This is their job. This is what they were supposed to do. Whenever a foster family is vouched for by an independent agency, Child Protective Services can become incredibly lazy and not do their work".

That raises questions about the whole Texas Foster and Adoption process. Those private agencies are required to conduct thorough background checks, including Texas DPS, national DPS and national FBI criminal history checks - along with a CPS Central Registry check for abuse and neglect in any other states they've lived, which should have revealed what we found.  

Our investigation uncovered "Child Related Misdemeanors" such as Dave Dixon's Florida charge, are handled case by case and require a "Risk Evaluation." A felony murder or Child Sexual Abuse conviction will cause a prospective couple to be rejected immediately. Licensed foster families are also required to undergo extensive training, followed by a home study.

KCBD contacted "Hope for Tomorrow" to find out if they missed something. Their Lubbock branch has recently closed and multiple calls to their corporate office went unanswered.

Wonda and Dave Dixon are still in the Lubbock County Jail. Both are being held on a $150,000 bond.

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