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Eye-exams...in an APP

A team of eye-care experts in Kenya has developed a Smartphone app that acts as a portable, low-cost kit for eye exams.        

It's called PEEK, short for Portable Eye Examination Kit. It's designed to test the vision of those living in remote areas. The app uses clip-on hardware and transforms android smart-phones into a capable medical tool, using a wide range of tests; the PEEK app can also diagnose vision problems.      

About 5,000 people in Kenya participated in the first trial run. And it proved successful in saving many from a lengthy journey to urban areas for eye care.

"Patients who are in the most difficult places to reach that are usually those who are in need of eye care, and they are reluctant to come to main cities and hospitals to seek treatment either because of barriers, such as cost or fear," says Dr. Andrew Bastawrous, PEEK developer.

The project is in mid-trial, but the team has already received invitations to demonstrate the app in 170 countries.

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