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HealthWise at 5 From 10.6

  • Teen Smoking

You may know smoking is bad for your health, but some teenagers say it all depends on the type of cigarette you smoke. A study published in pediatrics shows up to 35% of teens questioned felt their risk for a heart attack or lung cancer was lower if they just smoked "light" or "ultra light" cigarettes rather than the regular strength. They also had the misconception that they wouldn't get addicted as quickly and that it would be easier to kick the habit if they just smoked light cigarettes. Researchers say the finding sends up a red flag to parents about the misconceptions kids have about the dangers of smoking.

  • Gallstone Diet

Over 600,000 people in the U.S. are hospitalized yearly for gallstones, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. If you want to ward off gallstones, you may want to try eating more healthy fats. A 14 year study of 45,000 men finds those who ate the most unsaturated fat were less likely to suffer with gallstones than those men were 18% less likely to have gallstone problems. Among the sources of unsaturated fat are salmon, nuts, some fruits and vegetables.

  • High School Heart Health

Doctors have discovered a new reason to stay in school. It could help you live longer. The study at the University of Rochester School of Medicine reviewed over 6,000 people, and found those who didn't finish high school had a higher risk of dying from heart disease compared to those with more schooling. Researchers say people with less than 12 years of education are 50% more likely to have problems with their heart, and that doctors should now consider a patients' education level along with other risk factors such as age, high cholesterol, diabetes and smoking.

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