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Windy Man Controversy Comes To An End

Bricks and mortar are going up where the so-called Windy Man once called home.

The retaining wall is being erected along South Loop 289 just across from Chuck 'E' Cheese's. The wall puts to rest a controversy that was brewing for months. The windy man sculpture that was installed along the Marsha Sharp Freeway in August. The panel was one of 20 scheduled to line the new freeway. But, just days after it was installed, the sculpture drew criticism. Some claimed it looked like a Pagan God.

Then on August 13th, Windy Man took the final blow. Vandals took a sledgehammer and defaced the sculpture. Windy Man lost his nose and half his face in the beating. So, TX-Dot decided to take down the sculpture which cost about $750 to install. $20,000 has been spent on art design along the freeway but at this time, it's not known when and where sculptures of any kind will be placed.

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