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Plainview family still searching for relatives in the Philippines


Dr. Victor Gutierrez can't believe what has happened to his home.

"I'm heartbroken," he said. "I've had sleepless nights; I have dreams about them and those people."

He grew up on Leyte Island. His wife grew up on Salmar Island, in a town called Hernani, both directly in the path of the storm.

"It's a very lovely place and I cry for them... It's hard to explain these things," Gutierrez said.

He met his wife in Tacloban, the epicenter of the storm, when they were in college. After they came to the United States, he and his wife donated a library to his wife's hometown of Hernani. Now he says it's the only building left standing there in what has become a wasteland.

"I smell death. I am so far away and I know the smell in Tacloban, where I went to school. I played in those streets. When I see those streets now, it's very disturbing for me."

In the six days since the typhoon hit, locating family has been the number one priority.

"I found my sister two days ago and I found my nephew who was in Tacloban, the center of the storm, last night."

His wife is still searching. Amado Candido and his five children, Maria Claire Candido and Paul Matthew Candido are all still missing. Gutierrez asked we post those names in case anyone can give him any information. All he can do is pray they are safe.

"Our only ally is hope. I think that's what we hope. Hope springs eternal we hope that there will be a rainbow at the end."

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