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Wet Weather Boggs Down Area Home Builders

There is silence surrounding the usually noisy world of construction. The reason? Puddles of standing water all over the ground.

"Right behind us we have a slab, well we haven't poured a slab in 14 days and you can see the lumber is here it's ready to go. But the site is too wet for concrete trucks to get in here and the slab area itself is too wet to pour concrete on so we're just stopped," says Rick Betenbough, President of Betenbough Quality Homes.

Betenbough says most contract workers are sitting at home without a paycheck until the weather dries up. "Concrete work, masonry work, roofing, framing, those are the things we can't do when it's raining."

But that's not all. The wet weather has a ripple effect. "Our office is sending one or two apprentices home a day because we're so slow. There isn't enough work. Basically all we can do right now is indoor work," said David Klein, with Payne Plumbing.

Klein sees no bright side to this dreary weather. "I get paid by the hour and I'm used to 45 to 50 hours a week and right now we're lucky if we're getting 20 hours. This weather is just slowing everything down," Klein said.

But once the ground dries and the rain stops the work will still be there, and crews will work around the clock to catch up.

Betenbough says on the bright side the home building business is booming across the nation, and in Lubbock alone some 1,200 new houses will be built this year.

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