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A new definition for the term "SmartPhone"

A new smart phone, reminiscent of the sci-fi tool used on Star Trek to diagnose illness in TV space, is not just reality now, it's about to take medical testing on a new path.      

The inventor Dr. Joel Ehrenkranz , a Utah physician, says all it takes is a drop of blood, placed into a holder, to be analyzed by a reader attached to a smart phone. The blood results come in one minute, or 15, if it's testing thyroid levels.

"What we've done is to turn a Smartphone into a clinical laboratory," says inventor Dr. Joel Ehrenkranz.

"I think it's great, being able to do it on location, anywhere - save you time - save you money," says Brittnie, who tested the device.

 And unlike traditional instant tests from a urine or blood sample, this phone app can actually explain the results as well.      

Now, Dr. Ehrenkranz says the next step is developing a portable hand held device that can evaluate the problem, and recommend the treatment.

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