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What are you hungry for?

If you're worried about gaining weight during the holidays, have you heard about the new book, "What are you hungry for"? The author, Dr. Deepak Chopra says it's not about trying to diet; it's about losing weight while you eat, with appreciation. It's about your unconscious behavior.  

For instance, eating in the car on the way home, and not getting enough sleep, or snacking to stay awake.      

Dr. Chopra says it's those kinds of bad habits that disrupt the hormones that regulate all aspects of our lives.  

"People eat when they're bored. Feeding some emotional hunger. Attention affection appreciation. Before I put food in my mouth i look at this am I physically hungry, sometimes you just want movement, and the dehydrated sensation goes way."  

Dr. Chopra has written 65 books on wellness. He suggests the solution to weight loss begins with taking a breath, and slowing down, especially when you eat

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