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Walking the Extra Distance Could Save Your Life

On the 2100 block of 50th street Ervie Robinson Jr. tried to cross through traffic and was fatally hit by a car on Tuesday. There are no cross walks in the area, in order to safely cross, Robinson would've had to walk 150 yards to Avenue U where there is a cross walk, a lesson that walking the extra distance to the nearest cross walk could save your life.

Crossing the street: it may seem like an easy concept, but for pedestrians in Lubbock this year, it's proven to be deadly. "I think the main thing is to use those cross walks even if you have to walk a few feet down. If there's not crosswalks there, we tell them to go down to the corner and still look left, right, left and cross from corner to corner where there might be a cross walk there," explains Charlie Madgwick, who teaches children pedestrian safety at Safety City.

So, let's put those safety rules to the test on 50th street. So we push the button of the cross walk on 50th and University but as across the street, there's nothing to indicate when we can cross the street. For a safer option, we head West on 50th toward Boston. There we encounter an elderly man trying to cross traffic on his bike. "Oh, it's easy, I can make it, " he exclaims. Off he goes, dodging cars on his bicycle with nothing but his wheels to trust.

"I used to have a bike and I got ran over one night and the guy just kept on going," says Don Cole who says trusts only his feet to get him to work. He crosses 50th and Indiana everyday. "Do you usually cross this intersection?" we asked. "Yes ma'am," he replies "What have your experiences been with it," we ask. "Real bad, almost getting run over a lot especially at night time when I get off work with the kids," answers Cole. That's why he always uses the crosswalk, but every time he says he has to push the button several times before crossing. "So do you just get frustrated sometimes and just go anyway," we ask. "Yes ma'am like now, are you all ready," he says as we walk with him across the cross walk. "Like you see, you got to run across it or you might get run over and if a person stops [driver], they may have an accident with someone else not paying attention."

These are safe habits, Cole says gets him home to his family each day. "Do you ever jay walk," asks NewsChannel 11. "No, it's not worth it, you walk here, you get ran over," says Cole.

By the way, if you're caught jay walking, even in a busy intersection like 50th Street, the fine is $97.

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