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The Batter Pro: Does It Work?

Batter all your food in under ten seconds. The Batter Pro claims it can but will it hit a home run?

Let's see how this thing works. It has three plastic compartments you put together. Ot looks nifty, we'll see if it works.

I got the ingredients. Onions, catfish and the batter mix. Let's get shaking. The instructions say you can mix it up inside the Batter Pro. This is great! It means there won't be a mess! Let's hope.

How about some onion rings, my favorite! All you do is place the onions on top of the batter and shake for ten seconds. Afterwards, it did not look battered to me. Maybe the catfish will work.

After shaking it for ten seconds, the catfish was well coated.

I think depending on the batter you make, the product provides you with a recipe book, but whatever you use, it will dictate whether or not the Batter Pro will work successfully for you.

But listen, I have a confession. I added the egg to the mix, instead of dipping the onions and fish in it first. I think that could be a reason why the onions turned out the way they did.

So there you have it. Don't make my mistake and this product will work just fine for you.

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