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Plains Hit Hard by Hail & Rain

The only evidence of a road is a yellow stripe. The oil rigs look like they're off-shore. The sign next to the BBQ politely asks folks not to drive on the grass. And the swings in the park have become high water markers.

"Just unbelievable," said Gary Walker. He manages the Yokum county water conservation program. Tuesday night, he recorded 4.4 inches of rainfall in six hours. "Last year in 2003 in areas of Yokum county we didn't get 4.4 inches for the year, 12 months," he said.

"I've never seen this much water," said Plains city worker Alex Barrientes. He used a back-hoe to rip apart a street with the hope of saving homes. "We had a lot of water that was going up here to homes," he said.

From the air, the water was both snaking through town like a brand new river, and just sitting in massive pools, claiming Plains for its own. "At one time or another today almost all the roads were closed in and out of plains," said County Commissioner Jack Cobb.

Out in the fields... "This field will be a complete loss," said farmer Don Parrish. He assessed the hail damage to a neighbors crop. "It beat all the bark off it, bruised these bolls. See that bolls broke open. It's just gonna' sour and rot," he said. The hail cut a swath four miles long and 15 miles wide. Approximately $5 million lost, and too late in the season for insurance to cover it all. "They'll be some help from insurance but it won't cover the cost. It'll be a loss. This will be a horrible net loss for the farmer," said Parrish.

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