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Two women help 'last chance' dogs find a forever home

Pictured: Lori Crum and Sarah Field Pictured: Lori Crum and Sarah Field
Pictured: Lori Crum and Sarah Field Pictured: Lori Crum and Sarah Field

Lori Crum and Sarah Field are veterinary technicians by day. When their shifts are over at the Animal Medical Center of Lubbock, they focus on their other job - helping 'last chance' dogs find a forever home.

"The majority of them are found," said Crum, "and then we go through the process of calling animal shelters and seeing if anybody is missing them, or place them on Craigslist as found. We usually try to locate an owner for about 10 days."

Each dog has its own unique story. They have dogs that bite out of fear, were scared of people, one that had parvovirus, and most of the time, all of them are malnourished. They are different breeds, shapes and sizes. The only thing they have in common is that most of them would've been put down if Crum and Field didn't save them.

"It's just been coming out of our pocket," Crum said. "We've done it ourselves for a long time, and now we've decided to put them on Craigslist, we have a Facebook account and we're working on a website."

Field primarily deals with the animal's behavior. Right now, all of them are housed at her home. Each dog that they find goes through a special process.

"We take them in and kind of assess their behavior and personality and see how they are," said Field. "We see what they like and don't like and then that way we can better describe to people how to best take care of these dogs."

It's not something that she likes to rush. Each dog takes their own amount of time to adjust. They start out in a kennel and are slowly eased into socializing with animals and people.

"We feed them twice a day,"Field said. "We give them treats and we talk to them, and then they can go outside. If they're really good and they seem to be doing okay, I might pair them with one other dog and let them go outside."

Crum and Field said they won't adopt the dogs to just anyone. Once a person contacts them about adopting, they sit down and conduct an interview. They want to know what the living situation is going to be like for the dog before anything is finalized.  

"We do our best to assess their personality and where they are best going to fit because we don't want a rebound dog," Crum said. "We want a dog that's going to be in a forever home and try to find them the best home that's out there for them."

In the two years since they began Four Legged Friends of Lubbock, they have found 68 dogs permanent homes. People have come from as far away as Del Rio, Houston, Austin and Amarillo to adopt them. In the future, they would like to build a kennel to accommodate more dogs, but right now they like maintaining the smaller size.

Field and Crum said that when it comes down to it, all their work is for one main reason.

"We love the dogs and we like to find them their forever home," said Field.

Clients of the Animal Medical Center of Lubbock donate food and help them pay for getting the dogs fixed. If you would like to contact them about an animal, you can email them at, find them on Craigslist along with pictures of the dogs that are up for adoption, or find them on Facebook once the page is completed.  

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