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Teacher You Can Count On - Amber Woller

Amber Woller's examples make rounding numbers no problem at all for her third grade students. She hopes the simple applications her students are learning now will stick with each of them in the future.

"I try to give examples to the kids and try to get them to think about their answers because you know they're not always going to have me around. They're going to move on," says Amber Woller, third grade teacher at Parson's Elementary.

By implementing her students ideas Woller hopes to give them confidence in their problem solving abilities.

"Every person needs to feel validated. Everyone needs to feel they're doing the right thing and our kids need to hear that they have great ideas and that they're special and important," says Woller.

Although math is the main problem her students are trying to solve, they have taught Woller that in life there is always more than one solution.

"They teach me not to see things only straight. This is the only way we can solve our problem they teach me to look beyond and find other ways of solving problems," says Woller.

To sum it all up creative examples and use of critical thinking skills equal Woller's formula for success.

"I hope that they leave here knowing and believing that they can figure out answers. That they are competent to be able to learn on their own and that if they don't always have the right answer that they know where to go look for it to find that answer," says Woller.

When she's not teaching, Woller enjoys spending time with her two kids and helping her husband out with his church youth group. Now if there is a teacher you think we need to recognize, send us an E-mail at teacher@kcbd.com.

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