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Even Peter Piper Can't Pick Pyle's Pumpkins

Thousands of pumpkins in Floydada are waiting in the mud to be harvested. "Well, we really can't get them out of the field," admits Floydada Pumpkin Farmer Jason Pyle. Mud has made harvesting a struggle and that means bad news for the pumpkin farmer and his family, for them, pumpkins are a way of life.

Floydada Punkin Day Schedule
Plan on attending Floydada's Punkin Day? Here is a complete schedule of events.

"Probably sitting in the fields we have about $50,000," speculates Pyle. "What if there are no pumpkins on Halloween because they're all stuck in the mud?" asked NewsChannel. "Well, and they could be, they might me," says Pyle.

It's the scariest thought of all, "We eat, breathe, live pumpkins for this time," says Floydada Pumpkin-Lover RaNay Johnston. The town is faced with the idea of no pumpkins for this year's celebration, and they're spooked. "Without them? Ugh, it would be pretty bad because everybody is so used to seeing pumpkins everywhere during this time of year and with no pumpkins it just wouldn't be the same," says RaNay. Not to mention the economic value they bring to Floydada on pumpkin day with about 3,000 visitors, doubling the size of the community. "No pumpkins, no income, no fun!" she exclaims.

No kidding, meanwhile back in the patch, Farmer Pyle remains fearless through his harvest of hope. "We'll get it out somehow, we might have to walk through the fields but we will get it out," says Farmer Pyle. And with will and determination, and one more to add to the bunch. "Will that little one sitting there in the mud make it to pumpkin day," we ask. "Yes he'll make it to pumpkin day," says Pyle.

Floydada's Punkin Day will go on as scheduled. It's this Saturday on the square from 8:30 a.m. until 8 o'clock at night.

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